G O O S E B E R R Y   F R A U D S.

In process / Sep 15

By William T. "Bill" Jordan, President & CEO
Pallas Resource Corporation

The following LIST is made up of a compilation of lawsuits, thefts, hearings, cases, bankruptcies, harassments, and “takings” compiled in a general chronological order that constitute various damages and “legal episodes” that our companies and ourselves have endured while trying to do business in the Reno, Nevada, area. 

Not known at the time, Scientology and its top level alter ego agents were introduced into our business affairs in August, 1987, by Christine Reed and our own attorney, Michael Scholz, in Vancouver, B.C.. Joining them in this endeavor was then-Chairman of the Board of Haywood Securities, a notable secruities dealer/promoter and merchant banker, Jawaharlal “Lal” Gondi (broker). This group of investors came into a secondary funding in excess of $3 millions as benign investors just seeking a “good investment” and were called the “New Group”. 

Serious problems and outrageous behavior arose immediately upon signing and have persisted in many forms since then followed by the ever present lawsuit. My company and I were in litigation for three years before this group of bizarre characters were confirmed in March, 1990, as being Scientologists. Scientology was here-to-fore unknown to us. Since then, their activities and influence into the mainstream are easily traced through the ever-present “fair game” lawsuit, particularly the lawsuit filed by the State of Nevada on August 20, 1999, which eventually forced the volunteer filing of Chapter 11 bankruptcy on September 19, 2005 (gwz - 05-52562) in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Reno, Nevada.

On February 27, 2007, at a hearing before a provably-biased court, federal judge Gregg Zive disallowed Pallas’ Plan of Reorganization and ordered the case to be converted to Chapter 7. This order was illegally authorized by Pallas’ non-advocating lawyer, Alan Smith, on March 6, 2007.

Our investigations demonstrate how Scientology has applied its illegal and premeditated "Fair Game" policies against our companies and myself in the State of Nevada and elsewhere in their efforts to totally destroy us. Scientology and/or its members/agents and collaborators have lied throughout this period that the “church” was not involved, and that all lawsuits were filed by the individuals named for the legal reasons shown. There are many instances shown throughout the List and this ongoing ordeal that Scientology by its own rules is involved. 

Although denied under oath by Scientologists Baybak and Gerbino, it was confirmed in numerous other ways that Scientology was directing events overtly and covertly, and they were at all times connected to cult lawyers and OSA.

It is “Scientology scripture” (taxpayer subsidized) that the member/agent is required to report to the Office of Special Affairs - Legal Division if he and the cult may be in the least bit jeopardized; such must be disclosed. But the judges in the Reno, Nevada, courts are in denial for reasons secret to themselves. We have been unfortunate to have been represented by various members of the Nevada Bar who were likewise illegally representing some of Scientology’s economic and lawsuit enterprises while representing ourselves. 

Relief was sought from malpractice, but no accommodation could be found from the Nevada legal system.

We believe that an investigation of certain individuals, businesses, regulators and the legal system of Nevada, particularly, Reno, Washoe, Storey, other counties, and the Nevada Attorney General’s Offices, and this to include certain federal courts, should be seriously reviewed for extensive corruption. Scientology has gained much political power working under the radar through cover organizations, lawyers, lobbyists, and corrupt businessmen. Information regarding the individual lawsuits is in the public record.
As the lawsuits began to increase to a ridiculous level, they were recited in court in the later cases before local judges, but to no avail. Judge Peter Breen complained that “this file is getting too big.” Judge Charles McGee said: this is beyond the scope of what I was asked to rule upon, I’ve got other things to do. Judge Scott Jordan sanctioned me (William T. Jordan-no relation to Scott Jordan) for mentioning Scientology “so many times”. 

“Mrs. Wright, he just won’t shut up about Scientology.” He is now referred to as the “Judge Scott Scientology, their boy”. The same widespread injustices are expected to persist against other people, thus wasting their time, meager resources, separation of family members, rights, and life should they have the misfortune to appear in this system as my companies, associations and I have. 

A national survey of legal systems throughout the U.S. gives Nevada’s legal and ethics system a failing grade.

We are having to "restructure" for the “seventh time” the Business Plans of our company, Pallas Resource Corporation, a circumstance difficult to comprehend. However, on 11-29-04, we find members within the Nevada Secretary of State’s offices delaying the company’s “revival” by 90 days whereby another fee of $200 was deliberately triggered to bring the company out of default.
No person attempting to do business should be subjected to the legal insults and destruction we’ve endured as shown in this very incomplete List of Lawsuits, correspondence to government employees and various impotent politicians. It is just not the American Way, nor is it constitutional, a body of laws with which Reno judges are totally unfamiliar. 

This tax-exempt nonprofit organization called Scientology has made millions from our past Business Plan in Athena Gold through its controlled agents and front companies and others such as Nevada lawyers who enjoy taking money simultaneously from both sides.

Due to our purely commercial nature and that of other commercial enterprises taken over by Scientologists, or their business deals gone sour, a vast amount of materials have been put into the public record. Now, we find that many have been stolen and the files have shrunk by some ninety percent. 

Plainly shown is Scientology’s on-hands need for commercial activity to fuel its anarchist political agenda. It also makes money in a commercial way from its abuse of religious freedoms which is in accord with previous court rulings, and should not be enjoying a 501(c)(3) (?) tax exempt status for these and many more reasons on Clinton’s , Reid’s, and Miller’s watch. 

In fact, a properly conducted review of the Internet and from other sources will easily show Scientology’s hidden commercial relationship, one supported by the U.S. Supreme Court’s Hernandez ruling, and that person/s in government are complicit and aiding in its protection. A reversal of its tax exempt status is immediately warranted upon a simple review if responsible government parties step forward. 

The fraud is not just against ourselves. This I.R.S. Closing Agreement penalizes 135 million taxpayers annually through its subsidy of this cult.
Despite all the facts that have been made public, there appears to be no “public or political will" among Democrats and Republicans existent to address the obvious corruption. 

Sandy Berger says, “Clinton is a bear on religion.” We acknowledge that Scientology has rights, but Clinton negates the fact that what does he, Reid, and Miller gain from such a lopsided stance? The organization lives across the line, and the rights of thousands of aggrieved persons are being trampled on by this WCC group, called schizophrenic and pathological in the Breckenridge ruling. (Also, refer to the Foster report.) 

We must not allow politicians, judges, lawyers, regulators, news media, apologists, and others to continue insulting our intelligence with their irresponsibilities regarding this cancerous octopus running loose in society. 

The rights of too many busy, creative, and responsible people living in a high technology era, and under stress of their own, are paying an exorbitant price for tolerating this destructive social and politically philosophic luxury, one where everything goes. Denials, apologies, sympathies, and even endorsements of this fraudulent false religion called the "Church of Scientology" is an outrage to us nationally and a disgrace to our nation throughout the world. The self-serving $150 billion per year legal system in this country is failing its calling.

Wollersheim has only collected $9 million that he won years ago. Alleged murders, suicides, kidnappings, frauds, abuses, and all sorts of lawlessness goes uninvestigated and overlooked by judges or law enforcement in denial and with a yawn from officials holding responsible positions, like Harry Reid. Lives, careers, and families are destroyed. 

Every law that Scientology goes up against that is not to its liking is tweaked, bent, broken, and most times circumvented in some way. 

Laws too numerous to mention here need to be tightened and enacted to give people a chance against this cult and their lawyers. A state’s legal system and rulings need to be reviewed with a panel secret to the state until the day they show up to perform a surprise audit that is to be made public for all to see. 

Lawyers should receive stiff jail sentences when they play both sides in a case. And law firms should be required to sue an attorney when a case from which they are receiving payments warrant such, despite their policy not to do so because they “may be involved in a future case” with the violating attorney.
It is time that America got sensible regarding practitioners of white collar crime, particularly in the name of religion, and the political and legal systems that are charged with policing it. Let’s kick out all the politicians from office who allow this travesty, and send the irresponsible regulators and other “helpers” of this ridiculous cult to jail as they live across the line. 

"OPS" defined: Operations, conducted against a perceived enemy. Frivolous, shakedown lawsuits, thefts, inside jobs, cooking the books, double books, Internet interferences, computer crashes, planting of false information by accountants, lawyers, consultants, manipulating judges, harassments of varying levels: causing financial and health failures, suicides, deaths, murders; constant lies, perjury, subornation of perjury, bribery, tutoring of witnesses, political influence, regulatory influence, a variety of blackbag tricks, defamation, setups, numerous criminal acts, and many more acts have been noted in these cases and are in the public record.
All acts come under the “fair game” tax exempt scripture that are Scientology’s methods formulated by L.Ron Hubbard and his writers, or plagiarized from intimidated members, and are conducted by its Office of Special Affairs, or “intelligence operation”, Dept. 20, or by agents, lawyers, P.I.’s, “Pals”, or others. 

Scientology can be used by various governments to perform dirty work against citizens, take over properties, spy in foreign countries for the US government or a cell of officials operating outside their employment mandate. The entire operation seeks to control others through bribery, coercion, blackmail. These overt and clandestine “services” appeal to a wide range of people in and out of government.

Sept 4, 1985 CC# 63338 Dist Court for the 1st Judicial Dist,County of Kootenai, City of Couer d'Alene.

Serona Resource Corp
Vern Marschall & Assoc, Inc, U.S. Aerophysics,Inc, Vern Marschall and Susan Marschall

Attorneys For Plaintiff:

Attorneys For Defendants:

Vernell (Vern) Marschall was highly recommended by one David Mathewson, presently a Newmont geologist, who has numerous direct Scientology contacts, despite his denials. In the TIME Magazine depositions, the Scientology lawyer, Terry Gross, revealed that he directly “interviewed” (actually tutored) Mathewson for the TIME and Behar cases, and such carried over into the Mathewson-Tidwell case that Mark Gunderson had nurtured, as he staged his representation of Serona, Pallas and Jordan. Marschall attempted to defraud Serona out of $75,000, an investment made by Dr. Thomas J. Tidwell and others. 

Serona had been encouraged by Marschall and Mathewson to invest in Marschall’s company, U.S. Aerophysics Corp, a company perceived to be a tool for locating mineral deposits. Mathewson was acting as Serona’s geologic advisor on such matters at the time. The deal turned out to be a huge scam. Through Serona’s/Jordan’s efforts the money was found to be in Marschall’s securities account and recovered. The $3 million of geophysics contracts with Shell Oil and others didn’t exist. Mathewson, for some strange reason, would provide no help in the recovery efforts.

According to news reports from Idaho, Marschall feigned his own death as he staged his drowning in Lake Coeur d’Alene. He had defrauded a local widow, and traveled to Texas where he was jailed for making threats of violence against a party that he alleged owed him money. Vern Marschall introduced both the Gilt Edge and Talapoosa mining properties along with several undisclosed problems. 

Serona Resource Corporation, under an agreement to manage Athena Gold was working on funding which Lal Gondi and Haywood Securities had agreed to finance. They later reneged on financing for the Gilt Edge mine property but refused to give reasons why. Their goal became apparent later as they were working on a clandestine takeover of control of Athena Gold and the Talapoosa mine property and the initial gold discovery made in 1985 by Jordan and crew. 

They squeezed the Serona Group management of Athena by withholding seventy-five percent of the funding called for in an agreement. As Victor Hollister, a professional geologist working with the Gondi/ Haywood Group, would later comment, time for the Talapoosa had come, just like the Summitville project.

Jan 16, 1987 #87-451 In The Second Judicial District Court of the State of Nevada In and For the County of Washoe

Serona Resource Corporation
Ludgero Duarte, aka Lou Duarte, Carole MacFarlane and Thomas R. Braithwaite, aka Tom Braithwaite

Attorneys for Plaintiff: 
Joe Reynolds, Esq.

Attorneys for Defendants:

The Plaintiff agreed to convey to Defendants shares of (Athena lawsuits Gold stock) in exchange for certain agreed services and financing. Defendants breached their agreement and did not perform services as agreed. They overstated their capabilities and all work including financing fell to Serona Resource Corporation and Jordan in the most difficult time, that is, starting a company from scratch in a low gold market. 

Tom Braithwaite had formerly worked as a contract manager for a large Canadian Bank funding mining projects. The Scientologists would later circumvent this lawsuit and go after Serona’s rightful equity this lawsuit was filed to retrieve.

May 29, 1987 #CI 8865 In The Third Judicial District Court Of The State of Nevada In And For The County Of Lyon.
Serona Resource Corp 
Resource Technology Associates, Western Lokatur Mining, Inc, Lee C. Shellman, Syracuse Minerals, Inc, Target Exploration and Vernell Marschall, Talapoosa Gold Joint Venture Group, William Yarbrough, Tom Braithwaite, Carol McFarlane, Ludgero Duarte, Athena Gold, Inc, John Does I-V, Black & White Corp, and ABLE & BAKER Companies I-V, co-Partnerships. Tom Braithwaite had worked directly for a Scientology affiliated company, it was later learned.

Attorneys For Plaintiffs: 
Joseph R. Reynolds, Esq.

Attorneys For Defendants:
William T. Jordan formed Serona Resource Corporation (NV) in 9-5-84 as his first company to go into the gold mining business. Investors agreed to come in with seed capital if a meaningful deal was organized. The Talapoosa mine property was visualized as a good speculation and Athena Gold Corporation was formed in 1985 and listed on the Vancouver Stock Exchange to develop further capital. In this effort, certain attorneys were inherited from the start who represented buyers, sellers and exchange activities. Attorney behavior in subsequent transactions would turn out to be conflicting, self-serving, and downright traitorous. 

Thomas Erwin, Esq. for Galen DeLongchamps and
associates from 1980 forward.


Erwin performed some work for Syracuse Minerals in 1984; the relationship was sufficiently friendly. Erwin did limited work for Serona, 1985 through 1987. Paid by Serona. Erwin would later switch and represent the hardcore Scientologists despite our protests of conflicts put forth to our attorney, Mark H. Gunderson. It is now understood why "Buzzword" didn’t fight this conflict. By June, 1988, I’d already paid Erwin’s client $500,000.00 and set the stage for full payment of US$1,160.000.00. 
Joseph P. Reynolds, Esq., Reno, NV, from 9/5/84 thru 7/88 for Serona Resource, Athena Gold, Inc, NV, and William T. Jordan.

Michael Scholz, Vancouver, B.C., 4/3/87 hired by Jordan.
Represented Serona Resource Corp, Athena Gold Corp, Vancouver, BC. During this period, Scholz was secretly representing the Scientologists. His current activities are very interesting indeed. [It is suspected and has been alleged that Michael Scholz had many conversations with various attorneys on both sides as he presented his Scientology clients’ position.]

This suit was filed to cleanup title and frivolous disputes. Syracuse Minerals lost in their attempt to bankrupt Athena Gold Corporation to regain the Talapoosa property after Athena shareholders had spent about $1 million on the property whose money had advanced property values. Had Syracuse been successful, this would cost Serona and Athena shareholders to lose their investment, corporate goodwill and opportunity. The Scientologists got involved in this argument through their agents Michael Scholz, Athena’s attorney, and others, upon a review of the record.

Attorneys For Plaintiffs: 
Michael Scholz, Sol others, 
See Ringleader Cast of Characters:
See Lawsuit No.5 in this list.

Attorneys For Defendants:

This lawsuit was filed by the Scientologists behind Serona’s back as they sought to circumvent Serona's lawsuit filed on January 16, 1987 (#87-451 and shown as #2 on this list) and acquire from Duarte 213,125 shares for C$0.09. Serona was seeking to retrieve its Athena shares issued to Duarte for non-performance of his obligations. The value of these shares would amount to about C$426,250 at $2.00 per share. The stock went to C$4.35 per share, or C$927,094.00. 

This lawsuit was filed without Jordan's knowledge as the Plaintiffs were secretly going after Serona’s rightful equity. Should the "New Group" (Scientologists) not fund as required, Duarte's and MacFarlane's shares would go back to Serona Resource Corporation for failing to meet their obligations under the August 10, 1987 Management and Funding Agreement.

LAWSUIT - NO. 4 / OPS NO. 1 
April 25, 1988 C 88-2313 Petition filed in Vancouver, B.C. Involvement (Direct Scientology involvement) by the Scientologists.

Haywood Securities, Inc, (Lal Gondi) Rishi Wahlia
Lou Duarte
Carol MacFarlane
Attorneys For Plaintiffs: 
Michael Scholz, Sol others, 
See Ringleader Cast of Characters:
See Lawsuit No.5 in this list.

Attorneys For Defendants:

This lawsuit was filed by the Scientologists behind Serona’s back as they sought to circumvent Serona's lawsuit filed on January 16, 1987 (#87-451 and shown as #2 on this list) and acquire from Duarte 213,125 shares for C$0.09. Serona was seeking to retrieve its Athena shares issued to Duarte for non-performance of his obligations. The value of these shares would amount to about C$426,250 at $2.00 per share. The stock went to C$4.35 per share, or C$927,094.00. 

This lawsuit was filed without Jordan's knowledge as the Plaintiffs were secretly going after Serona’s rightful equity. Should the"New Group" (Scientologists) not fund as required, Duarte's and MacFarlane's shares would go back to Serona Resource Corporation for failing to meet their obligations under the August 10, 1987 Management and Funding Agreement.


July 18, 1988 #A882107 Petition filed in Vancouver B.C.
Direct Scientology Involvement (Direct Scientology involvement through its members and agents)

Serona Resource Corporation
William T. Jordan
Athena Gold Corporation 
Michael Baybak
Thomas Adamson
David Jennings
Sethu Raman
Christine Reed
Haywood Securities, Inc.

Attorneys For Plaintiff: 
Joseph P. Reynolds, Esq., Reno, NV (resigned)(See Note.)
Kenneth Hanna, Sol, Vancouver, B.C.
Thomas Belaustegui, Esq., Reno, NV 7/88 - 1989

Attorneys For Defendant: 
Alexander Holburn Law Firm:
Michael Scholz, Sol, Vancouver, B.C.
James Henshall, Sol. Vancouver, B.C.
Freeman & Co Law Firm, Vancouver, B.C.
Beckley, Singleton Law Firm, Reno, NV: Steve Kent, Esq.

For Sellers/Landowners, 
Galen DeLongchamps: Thomas Erwin, Esq. Reno
For Buyer/Syracuse Minerals: 
Galvin, Denver, CO

Note! Mr. Reynolds was having his own legal problems that were unknown to Serona Res Corp and WT Jordan that involved the embezzlement of funds from a trust account belonging to the mother of local attorney, Charles Jeannes, Esq.  Another fact unknown to Serona and Jordan was that Mr. Reynolds had a prior conviction regarding similar charges. For this count, he was sentenced to four years in the Nevada State Prison system. 

Later, Charles Jeannes would represent Serona in title work on the Talapoosa mine property. The Scientologists are said to have reviewed to see how they could use it, however, Serona and Jordan were not involved in Reynold’s law practice. It will be noted that Mr. Reynolds was unable to get away with his crime (and he shouldn’t), however, the Scientologists’ infractions were far greater, and the Court was told. Yet, the Court let them off and seemingly sided with white collar crime.
Ringleader* and Cast of Characters:
Michael Baybak* - Scientologist, ringleader, WISE since 1981)
Lal Gondi - " ,stock broker, chief collaborator, WISE
Haywood Securities - Scientology collaborators, 
Michael Scholz - Athena's corporate attorney in Vancouver, BC.
Kenneth Gerbino - Scientologist, co-ringleader with Baybak, WISE
David Jennings - Geologist, Scientology businessman.
Christine Reed, - VP of Corporate Relations in Vancouver, BC.
Sethu Ramen - Geologist. Scientology businessman.

Secret Collaborators: 
Richard Brown - Athena’s in-house accountant hired by Jordan in 1984. Secretly worked for Baybak and others in Athena, starting about March, 1988 or before and prior to the takeover on June 27, 1988. Constantly denied he was doing so. Stole the irrevocable proxy that represented Jordan’s share control.
David Mathewson - Worked with Brown and the “New Group” to instigate a lawsuit against Jordan/Serona Res. Corp. to gain 40% of Serona's equity. Maintained secret communications with Athena personnel behind Jordan’s (president of Athena) back.

Athena's Board of Directors before takeover:
William T. Jordan
John Campbell
Terry Dove

Athena's Board of Directors after takeover:
Michael Baybak - Scientologist, (GO, OSA, WISE, IAS, writer for Freedom Magazine, other?)
Thomas J. Adamson Denied he was a Scientologist but acted like one.
Sethu Ramen Scientology businessman. 
David Jennings “ ” geologist. 
Christine Reed “ ” geologist.
Kenneth Gerbino Scientologist.(GO, OSA, Celebrity Centre, WISE,
International Assn of Scientologists)

Cheap Athena Shares Went to Fellow Travelers:
Robert Friedland, president of Galactic Resources, received 300,000 shares of Athena stock.
Pierre Gloutney, head of Refco commodity trading in Canada.
Douglas Casey, Scientologist, Crisis Investing newsletter writer. Accompanied Baybak and Scholz at the June 27, 1988, Annual Shareholders Meeting and endorsed the illegal takeover. Would later accompany others in a legal action against myself in Vancouver.
List of other cheap share recipients not shown here.
Partial List of Illegal Activities:
1) August 10, 1987 Funding and Management Agreement between Haywood Securities and Serona Resource Corporation was breached in many ways. Various versions are presented by Scholz and Gondi. Athena had been secretly targeted by them for takeover.
2) Scientologists are not disclosed in this Agreement by Haywood, as was required.
3) Scholz works secretly with Baybak, Gondi, Gerbino, Reed, Richard Brown. Bribery of Brown to give bought testimony.
4) Illegal directors incorporated into management.
5) Stole Jordan’s irrevocable proxy (Scholz, Baybak, Brown, Gerbino) to vote 1,250,000 shares and therefore control of the company. Personal and corporate properties were also stolen. Personal mementos, files, printer, computer, telephone system, maps, pictures, a big list of personal properties.
6) Corporate voter fraud.
7) Illegal change and manipulation of contracts.
8) Theft of Jordan's 155,000 options
9)Theft of 1,560,000 shares for non funding. Refused to abide by agreement regarding proper consideration.
10) Funding squeeze was in progress.
11)Scholz coordinates a separate set of paperwork in Vancouver (868 documents), unknowns to Jordan and the legitimate directors. Index of these documents were made available for the public record in past cases.
12)Manipulated paperwork put forth to the Vancouver Stk Exch.
13) Suspected mail and wire fraud.
14) Prevented Jordan's three directors from being placed on Athena's board in violation of the Agreement.
15) Brown works with Mathewson and the “New Group” (Scientologists) to file lawsuit "within Serona". This was also against the Agreement and the very reason to come into Athena. FAIR GAME POLICY.
16) Secret and foreign shareholders.
17) Both sides of legal representations.
18) International general racketeering. More.

This lawsuit was filed by Serona and Jordan in an attempt to protect their equity position and that of the “risk-taking shareholders” in Athena Gold and nullify the illegal June 27, 1988 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting where many misdeeds and illegalities had been committed. Involved were the co-opting of our corporate attorney, in-house accountant, our investment banker, broker, and others, the theft of irrevocable proxy and Serona/Jordan share control, funding squeeze, theft of options, contract breaches, frauds, illegal proxy solicitation by Baybak and Haywood Securities, mail and wire fraud, director election fraud, directors were not duly elected, and much more. 

Kenneth Gerbino and other investors were sending their monies to Scholz in Vancouver, B.C. who was acting as an illegal and unauthorized escrow agent rather than sending monies to the company headquarters in Reno, NV. Baybak and Gerbino were not directors or even officers of Athena Gold.

08-??-88 - #A? Vancouver, B.C.

Doug Casey, Karen Johnson, others 
  Serona/Jordan; Materials misplaced. 
(Scientologists directly involved in filing this
frivolous lawsuit and it was another breach of the August 10, 1987 Funding and Management Agmt. Doug Casey, the newsletter writer.)

LAWSUIT - NO. 7 / OPS NO. 4 
Sept 15, 1988 CV88-3751 In The Second Judicial Dist Court Of The State Of Nevada In and For The County of Washoe.

Judge Guinan (retired). Referred to Judge Brent Adams (Dem)
(The Scientologists directly involved in this lawsuit)

Athena Gold Corporation, Vancouver, BC Co and Athena Gold, Inc., a Nevada corporation.
Serona Resource Corporation
William T. Jordan
Thomas Clark
Frank Margrave dba Clargrave Associates
Target Exploration
Does I through XX, inclusive.

Attorneys For Plaintiff (Scientologists):
Beckley, Singleton, Jemison, DeLanoy, List Law Firm, Reno, NV:
Steve S. Kent, Esq.
Robert Saint Aubin, Esq.

NOTE: Robert List, Esq, is a former Republican governor of the State of Nevada and is currently active in politics.

Attorneys For Defendant: 
Joe Reynolds, Esq. (Resigned)
Tom Belaustegui, Esq. (Dropped out for money problems and dissatisfaction by defendant.)
David McElhinney, Esq. (Defendant not satisfied. Not sufficiently forceful against thieves. Later, Gunderson would claim that McElhinney was a Scientologist, which is hoped is not true but just another lie by Gunderson.) 
Anderson & Pearl Law Firm: Robert Anderson, Esq.
Mark Sertic, Esq. (Was dropped by defendant as dissatisfied and they were expensive for what little got done.) Defendant learned that Marvin Murphy, Esq., who was representing Mathewson, was rejoining this his old lawfirm, Anderson & Pearl, creating a conflict of interest.)
Michael Specchio, Esq. (Not prepared to take on the full case but got some results from Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse, geologist, who was withholding Serona’s geologic information at the encouragement of the Scientologists.)
Charles Jeaness, Esq. of the Woodburn & Wedge Law Firm. Did a good job. Considered honest. Would later quit to represent Placer Dome Mining Co.
Richard Harris, Esq. Would later claim that Baybak in Athena Gold (Scientologists) conflicted him out.
Anne Marie Harris, wife of Richard Harris, did title work. 
Gunderson & Wenzel Law Firm:
Mark H. Gunderson, Esq., Steve Wenzel, Esq.

Ringleader Cast of Plaintiffs:
Michael Baybak Scientologist, chief takeover strategist
Lal Gondi Chief spotter of projects for Scientology investments.
Michael Scholz Athena's attorney. Outrageous conflicts.
Kenneth Gerbino Scientologist, investment advisor reg.with SEC
David Jennings Geologist working with Scientology businessmen.
Christine Reed Received options like Brown. In the loop.
Sethu Raman Scientologist. Geologist. “Intelligence man”. Stated they’d lost a previous takeover attempt of a previous mine and company but wouldn’t name it.

Other Collaborators: 
Richard Brown Secretly worked for Baybak in Athena. Made many perjured statements in Court records.
David Mathewson Voted for the Scientologists in 1988. Former Serona geologist. Breached his professional duty. 
Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse Athena geologist hired by Jordan.
Anne Shonnard Athena geolgist hired by Jordan.

Athena's Board of Directors After June 27, 1988:*
Michael Baybak - Scientologist
Thomas J. Adamson "
Sethu Ramen "
David Jennings "
Christine Reed "
*Jordan’s three directors were denied. Breach of Agreement.

In filing this lawsuit the Scientologists made many false and frivolous allegations, stole many of Serona’s and Jordan’s properties contained in two pickup truck loads of materials. Somehow, they got the Bureau of Land Management to go against its own policies and obtained Serona’s rightful mining claims without putting up any fees to the U.S. government. They promoted the Fegerts (owners of Target Construction who built roads and drill pads on the Talapoosa property and were sponsoring a financing for Athena) and other friends of Serona/Jordan to file frivolous lawsuits and much more.


April 3, 1989 #CV89-1876 In the Second Judicial District Court Of the State of Nevada, in and for the County of Washoe Judge Brent (D-Sci) Adams (Democrat)

Involvement: (Scientologists directly involved.) 

David C. Mathewson
Thomas J. Tidwell
Serona Resource Corporation
William T. Jordan

Attorneys For Plaintiffs: 
Marvin Murphy, Esq. (Defendants conflicted this attorney out.) 
Hale, Lane, Peek Law Firm:
Steve Peek, Esq. Put on a big show of intimidation. Pitching a fit and temper tantrum. He was loud, accusative, coercive. Wanted one to roll over and play dead and give all the assets of the companies and those of my own to his clients,
Mathewson and Tidwell. My attorney, Mark H. Gunderson, put in an inept word, “Aw, come on Steve”. The two went outside to have a private talk.

Attorneys For Defendants: 
Joseph R. Reynolds, Esq.
Reynolds had to withdraw his representation for personal reasons. His services were inadequate at any rate.
Mark H. Gunderson, Esq.
Thomas Mehesan, Esq. Mehesan was doing a good job but was fired by Gunderson. 
Kenneth Hanna, Vancouver, B.C.

Ringleader Cast of Background Characters:
Michael Baybak - Attempted to dissolve Serona in this lawsuit. 
Lal Gondi - Cultivated Mathewson by way of geology, big money. 
Michael Scholz - Cultivated Richard Brown. 
Kenneth Gerbino - Scientologist, working with Baybak
Donald Kuske - Worked for Baybak.
Christine Reed - Worked for Baybak. 
Sethu Raman - Scientologist.

Other Collaborators:
Richard Brown Secretly worked with the “New Group” in promoting this lawsuit. Lied in depositions. Would later tie to information disseminated to public investors regarding “saltings” results and re-evaluation information that aided the Scientologists in stock sales. A real snake.
David Mathewson - Helped to lure Dr. Thomas J. Tidwell, Jordan’s largest investor (since 1979) over to the Scientologists. 
Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse - Collaborated with Mathewson. 
Ann Shonnard Carpenter- Collaborated with Van Nieuwenhuyse,
Mathewson, others of the “New Group”. Later, joined Miramar Mining Corporation following the Athena/Miramar merger.

The Scientologists planned this lawsuit and reported such in advance in the minutes of a directors’ meeting held on November 14, 1988, saying they would promote a lawsuit "within Serona”. This was necessary as an excuse to show the Vancouver Stock Exchange that Serona's shares should remain in escrow and disallowed free trading status, while the Scientologists actively promoted other issues of stock and played games in the free trading market. 

Active participants in this and other similar director functions were Michael Baybak, Lal Gondi, Richard Brown, Christine Reed, Michael Scholz,Sol, Kenneth Gerbino, Donald Kuske, Thomas Adamson, Sethu Raman, David Jennings,and others. The minutes of this directors’ meeting were not forthcoming in previous discovery. Also, our later requests for the 868 Athena Gold documents we call the “Vancouver Papers” were not granted.


January 24, 1991 #CV91-531 In The Second Judicial Dist Court Of The State Of Nevada In And For The County Of Washoe Judge Brent Adams (D)
(Scientologists directly involved.)

Serona Resource Corporation
Athena Gold Corporation
Athena Gold,Inc.
Syracuse Minerals, Inc.
Lou Duarte
Carol McFarlane
Tom Braithwaite
Does 1 - 20; and
Corporations 1 - 20,

Attorneys For Plaintiff:
Mark H. Gunderson, Esq.
Steve Wenzel, Esq.
Charles Jeannes, Woodburn & Wedge 
Richard Harris, Esq.
Anne Marie Harris, Land title work
Kenneth Hanna, Vancouver, B.C.
Attorneys For Defendant: 
Beckley, Singleton, Jemison, Delanoy, List Law
Firm, Reno, NV: Steve Kent, Esq, Robert Saint Aubin, Esq.

NOTE: Robert List, Esq, is a former Republican governor of the State of Nevada and is currently active in politics.

Directors and Officers of Serona/Plaintiffs:
William T. Jordan, President
J. Randall Burke, Vice president
John Young, Vice president
Thomas J. Clark, Vice president

New (Scientology) Directors of Athena/Defendants (Oct, 1988):
Michael Baybak - Scientologist,
Lal Gondi - Sus. " , broker
Michael Scholz - Sus. " , Athena's attorney
Kenneth Gerbino - Scientologist, working with Baybak
Donald Kuske - Scientologist, " " "
Christine Reed - Scientologist, " " "
Sethu Raman - Scientologist. Geologist. Int’l business.

Partial Reasons for Filing Asset Protection Lawsuit:

This case has a very large file in the public record describing the Scientologists’ corporate behavior. However, some critical files came up missing and had to be made up from other sources in some downstream cases. 

The SALTING ISSUE and “REEVALUATION” are examples. It is believed that the Scientologists’ agents (P.I.s, paralegals, legal assistants), had gutted the file of some critical information that had been made public, or was thought to have been made public by Gunderson. Much information regarding attempts to get Serona’s shares out of escrow and the restructuring of Athena Gold appeared not to have been filed. 

BIZARRE BEHAVIOR, as in constant conniving, backstabbing, repeated broken promises, denial of reports even though they had them in hand, denial of easily readable contract terms, attempted high pressure
tactics, nothing in writing from them (actual refusal), and other misdeeds characterized their way of doing business and had to be endured. Working in conjunction with the VSE*, the Scientologists had Serona's shares tied up in escrow in Vancouver. They frustrated discovery and prevented us from obtaining the 868 documents we call the “Vancouver Papers”. 

Serona Resource Corporation had a legitimate claim to the guardianship of the Talapoosa property versus the six\members of the “front group” of Scientologists because they violated their obligations of the August 10, 1987 Funding and Management Agreement in every way. This strong guardianship position was reduced to the Sole Vendor Issue to which Mark H.Gunderson, Esq. began to deliberately engineer us out of our own deal. There were many things he was told to do that should have been done. Another major issue during this period was the illegal holding of Serona's shares being held in escrow by the Vancouver Stock Exchange working in conjunction with the Scientologists. 

Yet, the Exchange allowed the Scientologists to sell about six million shares of Athena stock to the general public in Canada, the U.S. and Europe, stock whose value was based off of Serona’s work. The Exchange and the B.C. Securities Commission were in violation of the Principal and Property Escrow Agreements involving Serona Resource Corporation. This is thought to be yet another violation of various laws between this cult and this Self-Regulated Exchange and Regulatory body. 

Here again, as will be seen later, our own attorney, Mark H. Gunderson, (member of the Nevada Bar and Nevada Trial Lawyers Association, under oath to the Canons of Attorney Conduct(?)), refused to demand, despite our insistence, that our shares be released.

LAWSUIT - NO. 10 / OPS NO. 7
February 26, 1991 #C911682 Petition filed in Vancouver B.C. Judge: ?

(Scientologists directly involved in filing this lawsuit.)

Haywood Securities, Inc.
Richard Brown
Michael Scholz

Attorneys For Plaintiff:

Attorneys For Defendant:

Ringleader Cast of Characters:
Michael Baybak - Scientologist,financial advisor, promoter of many scams such as WRT, WSV, others 
Lal Gondi - Scientology businessman
Michael Scholz - Scientology attorney for Athena
Kenneth Gerbino - Scientologist, stockbroker, financial advisor
Donald Kuske - Scientologist
Christine Reed - Scientologist
Sethu Ramen - Scientology international businessman, geologist.

Partial List of Illegal Activities:
Too numerous to list at this time, but basically, the
Scientologists turn everything upside down. See Comments in previous lawsuits. 

The facts in this case go back to early 1988, Athena Gold options, other. Richard Carroll Brown was first hired by Jordan in August, 1984, to perform accounting work for anything that was needed with a goal to expand from startup company projects.

Accounting duties were for (1) Serona Resource Corporation, (2) Athena Gold Corporation, and (3) Athena Gold, Inc.. Working for 3½ years, Brown did mediocre work with his loyalty always in question. Brown got very dissatisfied in February, 1988 when Jordan refused to make him an unsecured loan that had to come from shareholders’ monies. At least at this time and perhaps before, Brown decided to jump ship and secretly join the Scientologists.

They bribed him by giving him 90,000 options of Athena Gold stock, and a raise in pay of about 2 ½ times what Jordan was paying him. (Brown was spending one half of his work time off the job and was later confirmed that he was conspiring with the Scianazias.)

Despite being warned about the crooks who had infiltrated Athena, Brown chose to live up to our suspicions that he was working with them. They used him to the hilt. They needed his spying and his twisted testimony for any court action. When he made a mistake, such as arguing with Baybak on certain Scientology principles, the lack of maintaining mining claims valid in what later became known as the Farside claims, among other things,he was fired. 

Needing money to satisfy an I.R.S. debt originating from a previous scam involved in the theft of shares from Bralorne Eichbaum, PhD, Brown tried to convert his bribe of 90,000 options to free trading stock they gave him. 
(It is ironic that Brown was suffering from the same problem the Scinazias had given Serona, that is, denying free-trading status to Serona’s Athena shares to prevent the sale of those shares into the free-trading Athena stock market. He should know quite a bit about the process, since he aided them in every way against Serona and myself.) 

The Scientologists are said to have offered Brown $5,000.00 for his silence to not sue them. To keep him out of money, the Scientologists sued their former ally and got a C$35,000.00 Judgment against him in Vancouver, B.C. How’s that for graditude? Was that any way to treat their former ally? 

Shows how Scientology works. Brown made some interesting
comments to Peter Comaras, a P.I. working for Scientology through an attorney’s office. Brown had long ago been replaced by Donald Kuske, accounting prodigy of Michael Baybak. This lawsuit naming Scholz as a defendant is pure Scientology legal system abuse. Scholz continues to work with the Scientologists today and is in a position to screw other unsuspecting businessmen.

LAWSUIT - NO. 11 / OPS NO. 8
April 5, 1991 #C912679 Petition filed in The Supreme Court of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.

Judge: ?

(Scientologists directly involved in this lawsuit.)

Haywood Securities, Inc.
Athena Gold Corporation 
Lal Gondi
Rishi Raj Wahlia
Kenneth J. Gerbino
Ben Johnson, former President of Cornucopia.
Max Sonderegger, Swiss national, presumably promoter or a
front for Scientology’s business activities.
Pierre Gloutney, Head of all commodity trading in Canada
by Ray Friedman & Co (REFCO), Toronto.
MedaroInvestmentsS.A., foreign front. Breach of non-
Michael Baybak & Company
Peter Bond
Serona Resource Corporation

Attorneys For Plaintiff: 
Alexander, Holburn, Beaudin & Lang Law Firm
James A. Henshall, Sol
Michael Scholz, Sol

Attorneys For Defendant: 
Michael Devlin, Sol

Ringleader Cast of Plaintiffs:
Michael Baybak - Scientologist, 
Lal Gondi - Scientology businessman and broker
Michael Scholz - Scientology attorney for Athena
Kenneth Gerbino - Scientologist 
Donald Kuske - Works for Scientologists
Christine Reed - Works for Scientologists
Sethu Raman - Scientology businessman
Ben Johnson - Fellow traveler with Scientologists and
Robert Friedland.

Partial List of Illegal Activities:
1. The Scientologists file this lawsuit against Serona in an attempt to win all of Serona’s equity without consideration, and while other legal action is ongoing in the Reno courts. Yet, in deposition, they deny their involvement in the filing of this lawsuit.
2. Insider trading. Gerbino owned a Newsletter and touted Athena stock.
His “mutual fund” owned over 1,600,000 shares of Athena Gold at
one time according to SEC 13F Reports while he promoted Athena
throughout the widespread securities network of brokers and
3. Manipulation.
4. Money laundering suspected.
All these allegations were given to the law firm of Gunderson &
Wenzel. Mark H. Gunderson, Esq., attorney for Serona at the time,
marked “Don’t Produce” on many papers that Serona had provided him
to insert as exhibits in this and other cases.
Comments: The Scientologists filed this frivolous lawsuit with their
other members just as they did against the I.R.S., Cult
Awareness (CAN) and others. Frivolous allegations are made
while other lawsuits are ongoing in Reno, NV. They denied
filing this lawsuit in depositions.

May 6, 1991 TIME Magazine article by Richard Behar was issued. Damage
control activities were activated at Athena Gold
Corporation. Shown as in keeping with the chronology.

LAWSUIT - NO. 12 / OPS NO. 10
August 19,1991 CV88-3751/CV91-531, Judge Brent Adams (D)
(D-Sci) Lawsuit CV88-3751 was first filed by the Scientologists on Sept 15, 1988 in The Second Judicial Dist Court Of The State
Of Nevada In and For The County of Washoe and listed previously
as No. 6. 

This lawsuit was later consolidated with CV91-531
previously filed on January 24, 1991 In The Second Judicial
Dist Court Of The State Of Nevada In And For The County Of
Washoe and listed previously as No. 8.

NOTE: Judge Brent Adams is a former chairman of the Nevada
Democratic Committee.
Haywood Securities, Inc.
Athena Gold Corporation/Athena Gold, Inc.
Lal Gondi
Pallas Resource Corporation
Serona Resource Corporation
William T. Jordan
Thomas J. Clark
Frank Margrave dba Clargrave Associates
Target Exploration

Attorneys For Plaintiffs: 
Beckley, Singleton, Jemison, DeLanoy, 
List Law Firm: 
Steve Kent, Esq, told the Judge, “Well, your honor, Scientology
is a religion.”
Robert Saint Aubin, Esq., told the Judge, “If you let Jordan
bring into the case about the Scientologists, my clients
won’t have a chance.”

Robert List is a former Republican governor of Nevada. Not 
known to work directly on the cases. Mark Gunderson quoted 
List as saying that “they were concerned with the case.”

Bowles & Moxon Lawfirm: Michael Baybak stated in a deposition
in this case that Mr. Timothy Bowles was involved in his cases.
He was trapped. He had to admit it, or add to the many lies
he’d already told under oath. Timothy Bowles of the Bowles and
Moxon Law Firm, a Scientology law firm directly tied to the
Office of Special Affairs (OSA) (formerly of the GO), had been
a Scientology lawyer for many years. He deposed Steve Fishman
while he was down and out in prison for pulling a caper against
Dean Witter brokerage accounts, a Scientology “War Plan”
endorsed by Miscavige (leader of Scientology). Bowles is on the
board of directors of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights
(CCHR), Pasadena, CA.

Our former attorney, Steven Bale, Esq., now disbarred in NV for
stealing monies from a Trust Account, stated he was working for CCHR, after we’d hired him to sue Mark Gunderson of Gunderson
& Wenzel). Interestingly and after hiring, Bale claimed to be
a “practicing Mormon” and knew about L.Ron Hubbard’s business
courses. (We were just interested in Bale keeping his promises
to us regarding our lawsuits.) CCHR was involved in many
frivolous lawsuits in Reno against various psychiartrists as
per L.Ron Hubbard’s vendetta against the psychiatric
In these depositions, Baybak lied saying that Scientology was not involved in this “commercial caper”, Athena Gold Corporation. He was a member of WISE. Scientology gets a minimum of 10%, and even had Scott Salmon and Don Kuske doing the accounting, both suspected to be with OSA. Gunderson et. al are seen as covering up for OSA. 

Kendrick Moxon is an unindicted co-conspirator (UCC)along with
L.Ron Hubbard and is a Scientologist. Michael Baybak is said to
have created a nonprofit (environmental) scam to help pay for
legal costs in defense of Scientology’s “Snow White” operation against the U.S. government. So, Baybak, Bowles, and Moxon go
a long way back in some of Scientology’s most sordid criminal
history. Continuing their liason, it is believed that since
the Bowles and Moxon breakup of their “lawfirm”, then, Moxon
and Yingling*, and now, Moxon and Kobrin (if memory serves),
has been supportive background factors in helping Baybak and
Scientology to create legal strategy for the many frivolous
second and third party lawsuits against myself, William T.
Jordan, a Suppressive Person 9, friends, and related corporate

*Monique Yingling, Esq. worked on Scientology’s side of the now
infamous “I.R.S. Closing Agreement” that has given Scientology
its 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, which in turn, allows Scientology to compete unfairly with for profit corporations.

Attorneys For Defendants:

Gunderson, Mehesan & Wenzel Law Firm:
Mark H. Gunderson, Esq.
Steve Wenzel, Esq.
Kathleen (Kathy) Price, legal assistant
Richard Harris, Esq.
Sue Trimmer, Esq.
Robert Thompson, Esq.

Woodburn & Wedge Law Firm: 
Charles Jeannes, Esq.
Anne Marie Harris, Land title work (wife of Richard Harris)
Kenneth Hanna, Sol. Vancouver, B.C. Three other solicitors.
Larry Gold, Sol. Vancouver, B.C.

Ringleader Cast of Characters:

Haywood Securities: 
A Canadian securities brokerage firm doing
extensive securities and stock promotion business
with the Scientologists. For example, Galactic
Resources, etc.
Lal Gondi Scientology businessman. Former Chairman of Haywood.
Michael Baybak Scientologist, reported to have joined WISE in
1981. Close ties to Authors Family Trust, Norman
Starkey, therefore, David Miscavige via. Western
Resource Technologies. (Many questions exist.)
Michael Scholz Scientology attorney for Athena, many other
companies. Cheated George Rouse, many others. 
Kenneth Gerbino Scientologist, working with Baybak. Advertises,
endorses Dianetics. One of Scientology’s leading
Donald Kuske Denies that he is a Scientologist in accordance with
the good book and training. Acts, PRs like a
Scientologist. Stated that Scientology has more
newsletter writers than anybody in the U.S.
Christine Reed Acts like a Scientologist. Lied to me about her
relationship with Baybak, Gondi, Brown.
Sethu Raman, Scientology businessman. “Intelligence man”. Does
international business for Scientology.

Partial List of Illegal Activities:
1. Unknowns to us at the time, it is our opinion that the Scientologists
are on both sides of our cases. We had huge amounts of information
on the Scientologists and should have won our cases handily, or in
the least, should have gained respectable settlements. More on this

The Scientologists Amended their complaint to include business
associates, Tom Clark, a Serona and Pallas director, and Frank
Margrave,local retired mining businessman of good reputation. Mr.
Margrave was aiding the company in locating other mining properties.
Mr. Clark had introduced investors to the company. 

Some notable statements and events leading up to August 3, 1992 are as follows:
In a previous hearing, Judge Brent Adams made a ruling denying
defendants from distributing Serona newsletters describing
events and preventing the continued sale of stock from a Reg D
Offering. He made no judgment regarding the truthfulness of
the facts and contents of the newsletters. Attorney Steve
Wenzel reported back saying that the judge wanted to tone down
Jordan’s rhetoric. The judge had put Serona and Pallas out of
business in favor of the Scientologists and white collar crime.

The judge gave the Scientologists a restraining order against
defendants preventing them from going near their former offices
and not to go on the Talapoosa mine property. This was against
a Nevada state mining law which allows any owner of ten percent
interest to go onto his claims. Serona owned over ten percent of
Athena Gold which held the Talapoosa property, and owned many claims
outright until Bureau of Land Management went against their own
policies and gave them to the Scientologists.

During depositions of myself, Mark H. Gunderson, Esq., would
tell me (Jordan) that he wanted to hear no buzz words. No
mention of Scientology or anything about Scientology was to be
made. When I would ignore his warnings during a deposition, he
would stop the deposition proceedings, and we would proceed to
a private conference room. There with his legal secretary as
a witness for him, Kathleen Price, he would proceed to tell how
he was a commander of fighter pilots in Viet Nam and what he
said went. I told him he was protecting thieves, Scientologists, &
white collar crooks. He said during these times and many others, the
the Judge didn’t want to hear anything about Scientology in his
courtroom. And since this case was to be decided by the judge, we
wouldn’t stand a chance if I continued to talk about Scientology.

In one instance where Steve Wenzel was sitting in on one of my
depositions, we turned in some deponent exhibits about Scientology. 
I’m told that Robert Saint Aubin and Baybak went ballistic when I
submitted information regarding salting of six holes on the
Talapoosa property. Baybak had falsely accused me of sabotaging the
Placer Dome contract, but gaining Placer Dome’s information under
subpoena proved otherwise. Placer’s grades were practically an
overlay of our grades. Placer Dome had dropped the property because
they couldn’t duplicate the grades put out by the Scientologists. 

The “salting issue” was a surprise to me and arose out of a report by a
legitimate metallurgical lab (McClelland Labs-Reno). Kenneth Gerbino
had put out glowing reports in his newsletters in the U.S. mails to
his paying subscribers about very high grades encountered. I was
told later that Saint Aubin would go crying to the judge saying
something like, “If you let Jordan bring the issue of Scientology
into the trial, my clients won’t have a chance.”

The judge saw the TIME Magazine article and other materials about
Scientology in documents filed with his court. In a hearing, Judge
Adams asked me as a witness, “What has Scientology got to do with
this case?” I replied, “everything when it comes to money.”
Imagine this meeting this meeting between Robert Saint Aubin, Mark Gunderson, Kenneth Gerbino, and myself held on the day
immediately after Gerbino’s deposition sometime in the second quarter
of 1992. In the meeting, Gerbino seemed to be worried and did a lot
of talking. He asked what I wanted as in settlement terms. Of course,
many settlement terms had been previously put forward in many
previous instances like freeing Serona’s shares and a host of other

Gerbino, ignoring previous demands said, “We’ll even name the
mine after you.” He said if no settlement was forthcoming, there
would be a lot of lawsuits. At this time I did not pick up on the
significance of his statement immediately. Even after two years of
study on Scientology’s methods, I was still not aware of many of
their practices in this area, that is, premeditated frivolous

I was disgusted with Gerbino and wanted to hear no more lies from
this Scientologist, so I left him with Saint Aubin and my attorney,
Mark Gunderson, who said I’ll let you know what’s said. This was a
huge mistake as I left three connivers in the same room. 

LAWSUIT - NO. 13 / OPS NO. 11
?? , 1991 # 6426 H.H. (TX) Filed In U.S. District Court, Central District
of California

Garth Hancock and I were only indirectly connected to this huge
Scientology suit which was won by Graham Berry.

Church of Scientology International
Steve Fishman and Uwe Geertz

Attorneys For Plaintiff: 
Terry Gross, Esq. Scientology attorney. See Case Nos. 16
and 23.
Timothy Bowles, Esq. Scientology attorney connected to
Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR). 
Kendrick Moxon, Esq. Scientologist. Unindicted co-

Attorneys For Defendants: 
Graham Berry, Esq.
Gordon Calhoun, Esq.

Once Scientology was confirmed to us in March, 1990, we began various searches. One case revealed was that of Steve Fishman
and his psychologist, Uwe Geertz. The Internet has volumes of
materials on this case and reveals much of Scientology’s
outrageous conduct and that of their lawyers.

This case is on the list because we became involved in a
limited way. Also, it led to reactions from the cult when their
P.I., Peter Comras, reported back to them. However, if the
Scientologists were not in the gold and silver mining business
in a big way, our attentions and valuable time and monies would
not have Been Diverted and wasted in this area. We’d be
minding our own business in Athena Gold Corporation and in
pursuit of meaningful and legitimate business projects aimed at
adding to our asset-building program for our shareholders.
The Steve Fishman/Uwe Geertz case must be made a part of our list of lawsuits because of time, money and two-way research
and contribution, to name a few reasons.

Steve Fishman was a Scientologist working as a stock broker for
Dean Witter. [This is deemed very important. How many other
stock brokers does Scientology have ready, willing, and able to
do their bidding?] According to him, he worked a "Battle Plan"
concocted by Scientology and approved by David Miscavige
himself that defrauded Dean Witter investors out of some

He was convicted and sentenced to 5 years in the Federal Penitentiary in Tallahassee, FL. Steve Fishman provided us with valuable information as to the fraudulent and Satanic nature of Scientology. We aided Steve as much as we could.

Attorneys Graham Berry and Gordon Calhoun out-strategized the
Scientologists and won the case.

LAWSUIT - NO. 14 / OPS NO. 12
Feb 5, 1992 #CV22892 Filed in Supreme Court of Nevada, Carson City, NV

Ben Johnson
Lal Gondi (D-Sci) 
Rishi Wahlia
Haywood Securities, Inc.
2nd District Court Judge Brent Adams
Serona Resource Corporation

Attorneys For Plaintiffs: 

Erwin, Thompson & Hascheff Law Firm:
Thomas P. Erwin, Esq. #951
Beckley, Singleton, DeLanoy, Jemison & List Law Firm:
M. Celeste Luce, Esq.

Attorneys For Defendants: 

Gunderson & Wenzel Law Firm:
Mark H. Gunderson, Esq.
Steve E. Wenzel, Esq.

Comments: The Scientologists file this lawsuit to apply pressure while
other lawsuits are ongoing, intending to break defendants and
cheat them out of any consideration for their assets. This
contention is fully confirmed in the stipulated agreement that
Mark Gunderson would later author.

This case, as all the others filed by the “New Group”, breaks
the spirit of the agreement to which they were invited to come
into the company in the first place. The attorney, Tom Erwin,
represented Serona to a certain extent as well as the seller of
the Talapoosa property, Galen DeLongchamps. Jordan had paid
into the property purchase price about $500,000.00 and caused
the full price of $1,060,000.00 to be paid. Another $100,000.00 was paid that is yet to be explained. (Went to Erwin & Hascheff.)

Tom Erwin was certainly viewed at the time of having a major
conflict of interest when he undertook to represent the
heavyweight Scientologists and associates listed as plaintiffs,
however, our attorney, Mark Gunderson refused to fight the
issue of his conflict vigorously as I’d demanded.

In an unrelated case, Judge Brent Adams ruled against Frank
Margrave, an ally of Jordan’s, on some water rights he’d owned
for thirty years and in favor of the Dermodys. Frank had to
appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court and was lucky in that the
Dermodys were forced to pay for the water rights. The
Dermodys are one of the richest landowners in Nevada with
numerous political connections.

LAWSUIT - NO. 15 / OPS NO. 13 
April 23, 1992 #C922542 Filed in Vancouver, B.C.

Michael Baybak
John Campbell

Attorneys For Plaintiffs: 
Mackenzie Fujisawa, Sol. Of the MacKenzie
Fujisawa Brewer Stevenson Koenig Law Firm
Attorneys For Defendants:
Campbell was an original director of Athena Gold along
with Jordan and was responsible for arranging Athena's
Initial Public Offering. He was to be one of the three
directors along with Jordan after the restructuring with
the "New Group". Baybak sued Campbell because he made a
comment that was quoted in the TIME Magazine article dated

Scientologist Baybak filed this suit as harassment
against anybody aligned with Jordan. The suit is in strict
adherence to Scientology “scripture” and “Fair Game”. 

John Campbell had been in the mining business for decades. He
was a retired securities attorney and was linked to a group
of securities brokers and executives who had raised over C$600
million for mining ventures. Lal Gondi claimed in one of his
tirades against myself in August, 1987 that he and his group
had raised over C$450 million. Who the hell was I to raise

Refusing to identify his group, we can now conclude
that it was the Scientologists he was referring to. Now, we
can conclude that the amount of monies raised by “Gondi’s
Group” is in the billions.

Baybak replaced Campbell with Christine Reed, a person who
arranged promotional meetings for various Vancouver listed
companies, presumably Scientology connected. Baybak refused
to explain his statement that “their program for Athena would
not work the way I wanted to do it.”

LAWSUIT - NO. 16 / OPS NO. 14 
April 24, 1992 #CV92-02613 In The Second Judicial Dist Court of Nevada
In and For the County of Washoe, Reno, NV
(Dir Sci Involvement)

Michael Baybak
Defendant: W.T. Jordan

Attorneys For Plaintiff (Scientologist/s): 
Beckley, Singleton, Jemison, DeLanoy, List Law Firm, Reno, NV:
Charles Zeh, Esq.
Timothy Bowles, Scientology attorney.
About this attorney: Baybak stated in a deposition that Mr.
Bowles was involved in his cases. Timothy Bowles of the Bowles
and Moxon Law Firm, a Scientology law firm directly tied to the
Office of Special Affairs (OSA), yet Baybak lied saying that
Scientology was not involved in this “commercial caper”. 
Moxon, is an unindicted co-conspirator along with L.Ron
Hubbard and is said to be a Scientologist.

Attorney For Defendant:
Mark H. Gunderson, Esq.

Ringleader Cast of Characters:
Michael Baybak - Scientologist,
Watchdog Committee of Scientology
Office of Special Affairs

Baybak files a suit against myself for defamation, slander, and libel. Of course, Baybak is an all-time hypocrite. It was during his management of Athena Gold that he employed L.Ron Hubbard’s teachings on how to plagiarize, inflate expenses of a corporation and file false, unprovable, time wasting allegations in frivolous lawsuits.
It was under Baybak’s corporate watch that a Pegasus geologist said, “You can’t believe any of Athena’s numbers.” This carries over to Cornucopia, Galactic Resources, Quartz Man and a myriad of other Scientology mining companies as well. It was under Baybak’s direction that Richard Brown conducted his famous “inventory list” of Serona’s and my personal properties and stole what they wanted, including the books written by Harry Browns, running for President in the Libertarian Party and with direct Scientology ties, particularly, Doug Casey, one of the takeover artists of Athena Gold. 

It was Baybak that lied constantly to myself about financing and corporate matters too numerous to mention, and defamed and slandered me as he promoted lawsuits against me to my employees and investors. It was under Baybak’s management that Athena Gold’s costs soared with very high “administrative fees” and expensive trips abroad, probably for Scientology purposes paid for by Athena.

Stealing from the middle of corporations is prescribed by Hubbard in one of his books. We want to review the record and present it to the world. This suit was filed in an attempt to force me to a settlement that would give up all semblance of ownership of our properties.
Gunderson wouldn’t open up discovery in this case as I asked him to do, so we could look into all of Baybak’s business dealings for his own personal account and possibly that of the “church”. We already had a lot of connections established between Baybak and the “church”, and this frivolous lawsuit filed by Baybak gave us yet another opportunity to gain more information.
Simply, Scientology was on both sides of our lawsuits. And we don’t seem to be the only ones thus affected in the Reno area.